How Do You Hack Your Sleep?

Everyone is on a quest to experience better sleep, and one of the hotter topics coming up lately is biohacking your sleep or sleep hacking. The goal is to experience deeper, quality sleep. This doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping longer, but rather what changes can you make to wake up fully recharged and ready to conquer your day. 

Getting good sleep is both an art and a science — yet the overwhelming majority of people have trouble sleeping, even those who have mastered every other aspect of their lives. Even if you had time to sleep an entire 8 hours a night, would it be optimal, uninterrupted sleep? Would you wake up feeling 100% refreshed?
NY TIMES Best-Selling Author and CEO of Bulletproof 360

Let’s take some time to really digest that quote from the father of biohacking himself, Dave Asprey. Do you think if you slept longer you would truly feel rested? Why do we focus so much on the hours of sleep? To really understand what it means to hack your sleep, let’s start at the beginning. 



What is Biohacking?

The general idea of biohacking is the art and science of changing your environment, both internal and external, in order to control and upgrade your own biology. This encompasses a wide range of ideas and methods including diet, intermittent fasting, supplements, certain fats and even specific products to help the body achieve this fully upgraded goal. 

Many of us will fall into the category of gentle biohackers meaning we’ll try things like tracking our sleep and make adjustments to our sleep environment based on that data. Biohacking is about optimizing your life and your body, through the use of technology, biology, holistic research and personal experiments.

In a perfect world, we would be sleeping in rooms that automatically gather data about us such as body temperature, heart rate and sleeping position and that smart room processes that data and then optimizes certain elements of the room to ensure you get into deep REM sleep. But did you realize there are a few tricks you can do to help hack your sleep, and one very important item you should have in your room. 

The Ultimate Sleep Hacking Tool

If you want to get on the road to hacking your sleep, there are a few things you can do without the use of multiple trackers such as limiting blue light, black out curtains and adding specific supplements to your diet such as Vitamin D, krill oil and magnesium. But one important item will trump them all to become the core to hacking your sleep effectively: an Essentia mattress! 

This is what we do. Since 2008, we’ve been observing and tracking the body’s reaction to it’s sleep environment and have built Essentia to be the perfect vehicle for sleep hacking. It’s not in one single feature, it's the combined features that create the most effective sleep environment for a body to regenerate at a faster pace.
Founder and CEO

Your sleep environment plays a huge role in your body’s sleep-wake cycle, and like that smart room we hypothesized above. What Essentia has been able to accomplish is to score highest at all seven key elements that a sleep surface can offer to establish this environment. The sleep environment is key to undistracted work of regeneration that the body goes through during sleep. These critical key elements that Essentia has combined are clean, non-toxic materials; allergen friendly materials; adaptive accelerated response to reduce movement interruptions; support and pressure redistribution; an organic mineral formula that drives EMF patterns; and a dynamic temperature control. Individually, some of these elements are attainable by some, but often these conflict and achieving all these combined is how Essentia stands alone. 

Essentia is Cool Hacking… The Other Guys Are Cool Comfort.

One of the most important aspects of your environment to hack your sleep is your body temperature. This is where an Essentia mattress becomes the optimal tool to help you hack your sleep.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of mattresses from organic to synthetic to smart beds and only when we came across the Essentia mattress did we discover a company with a material technology that scored well on all important aspects for a thriving sleep environment."
Chief Strategy Officer - Delos  

While all of Essentia’s 7 key elements combined create the ultimate environment to hack your sleep, there are two in particular that are at the core of helping you to hack your sleep: Active Cooling and Clean Air Environment. 

Essentia mattresses are made using organic components in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic facility, one of the biggest advantages to our patented natural memory foam is its ability to actively cool the body throughout the night. This means we are not using ‘cooling fabrics or phase changing chemicals that give the initial illusion of a ‘cool touch’ meaning they feel cool when you initially lie down but heats back up to force you to move to a fresh ‘cool’ spot. 

Essentia patented natural memory foam actively cools the body through the night by naturally pulling heat away from the body and out through the mattress, creating an environment that consistently helps to keep you in the deep REM stages of sleep. In fact, the Dormeuse REM9 organic performance mattresses have been tested to sleep up to 9 degrees cooler than your internal body temperature over an 8 hour sleep cycle. 

This means that Essentia’s patented natural memory foam is not temperature sensitive in the way that other foams would be, meaning it does not rely on your body heat to contour to your body for proper support and comfort. As we sleep, we naturally change positions to accommodate our bodies. On an Essentia mattress the foam accepts your body quickly and rebounds quickly meaning you are never jostled out of sleep when making these natural nighttime movements. This is key as any interruption of your sleep can restart your sleep cycle and keep you away from those deep sleep stages. 

The second big advantage of sleeping on an Essentia is experiencing a clean air environment. As we use only the highest quality organic components, Essentia mattresses do not contain any petrochemicals or toxic chemicals used in synthetic mattresses that could keep your sympathetic immune system active at night. So your body spends less time fighting invisible evils and more time cycling through deep sleep. 

If we think back to the questions that Dave Asprey asked, it is easy to see how sleeping on an Essentia mattress will help you experience optimal, uninterrupted sleep to wake up refreshed and ready to conquer your day. All you have to do is fall asleep on your Essentia!


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