Essentia's 7 Key Elements for Regenerative Sleep

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Essentia is the ONLY mattress to score best at eliminating sleep interrupting stimulants!

Here at Essentia we create sleep environments that extend the time you spend in Deep Sleep and REM sleep cycles by eliminating the stimulants that can pull your body out of these cycles. By doing so, you experience an increased rate of recovery that improves both your mental and physical health.

We achieve this thanks to our patented Beyond LatexTM organic foam technology and patented molding technology.

What is a sleep interrupting stimulant?

Our goal is to ensure your sleep environment is free from sleep disruptors. Anything that affects your central nervous system and quality of sleep is considered a stimulant.

The biggest sleep disruptos include pain, tossing and turning, lack of adaptability, allergens, heat, EMFs, and toxins or chemicals from polyurethane components.

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Essentia's 7 Key Elements that Create Your Perfect Sleep Experience


Essentia’s patented molding technology allows for our organic foam to react quickly to every movement and readapt to your body eliminating sleep interruptions. This is important as your body will make natural movements at night, but the goal is for you to never be woken up by them. This in turn keep you in Deep Sleep and REM sleep cycles for your body to truly heal and recover from the day.


Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam does more than simply cool, it actively pulls heat away from the body & through the mattress, allowing you to sleep cool all night. In fact, the surface temp of an Essentia mattress can sleep up to 7 degrees cooler than your internal body temperature promoting micro-hibernation and natural thermal transfer.


There is no wool or fiber battling in any Essentia product, which eliminates the nesting ground that dust mites live & breed in. Tested by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Essentia mattresses are impervious to dust mites & do not contain the latex proteins that may trigger allergies. Thus less exposure to allergens.


Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam eliminates negative space for proper back support and your most comfortable sleep ever. The organic latex support core featured in all Essentia mattresses ensure proper spinal alignment.


Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam eliminates pressure points & evenly distributes body weight allowing for oxygen & blood to flow more freely, this helps to eliminate numbness and soreness. Exposure to high levels of oxygen encourages the brain to remain in deep, restorative sleep cycles.


Essentia uses only the highest quality, ethically sourced organic components. By using organic and natural components, you reduce VOC exposure so your body can stop fighting outside stimulants and spend time recovering from the day. All Essentia mattresses, pillows, pet beds, and crib mattresses are made in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic (#CU 847578) factory.


Essentia’s upgraded foam formula protects the body from EMF radiation from 3G, 4G, and 5G waves. Through dark film microscopy Essentia has identified how blood cells react to EMF radiation in that your blood begins to cluster and clot disrupting the natural flow of blood through the body.

Essentia’s EMF barrier foam is proven to return your blood cells to their natural free-flowing state, which allows the bloodstream to optimize the oxygen flowing through the body thus improving your body’s nighttime recovery cycle and improving your sleep quality.

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Your Body. Your Mind. Connected.

Your perfect mattress is highly dependent on your body type and sleeping position. No single mattress is optimal for every sleeper, which is why finding your perfect match is so important.

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