Beyond latex™

Meet Essentia's
Patented Beyond Latex™
Organic Foam

Unlike other brands, our Beyond Latex™ organic foam is not a memory foam made from polyurethane, a petrochemical and type of plastic, but rather our GOLS certified organic latex foam is a slow response organic latex foam. The number one reason we sought to recreate an organic version of memory foam was to create a clean sleep environment and protect Essentia sleepers from the VOCs that emit from chemical based foams while still experiencing amazing comfort.


>95% Certified Organic Latex

Our mattress production process follows a globally recognized standard for organically grown, natural rubber latex products. This GOLS standard certifies a clear path from farmer to the factory, ensuring organic processing and manufacturing. Essentia holds a GOLS certification, verifying that Essentia’s mattresses are made with >95% certified organic latex. Meeting this standard is rare in the industry but for Essentia this is a non-negotiable priority.

Latex is known to be one of the safest sleep surfaces and can excel in terms of durability, support, elasticity, and breathability. With Essentia’s Beyond Latex™ organic foam, we elevated the benefits provided by organic latex for a luxuriously comfortable sleep, unlike any other organic latex mattress.

Beyond Latex™

Ingredients Make the Difference

Mattress manufacturing should encompass the process of production from raw or semi-raw materials through to a finished product. Here at Essentia we manufacture our Beyond Latex™ organic foams and support cores of our mattresses in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory. We source all raw ingredients and mix them on-site to create an Essentia organic mattress. The final product contains no or negligible foreign content. In fact, true mattress manufacturers are few and far between and only a handful of brands are like us and actually produce their own foams. Many brands rely on outsourcing of layers or the entire mattress.


Ethical Sourcing Matters

Essentia is proud to be a GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory where our Beyond Organic® standards mean we source all of our raw organic ingredients from certified organic, ethical and fair trade farms around the world. We mix and foam all of our Beyond Latex™ organic foams in our factory in Montreal. We pride ourselves on creating high density, durable organic foams.

beyond latex™

Is Your Mattress Truly Hand Made, or Simply Assembled?

For many consumers, mattress assembly factories and mattress manufacturing are the same things but this is a common misconception. There is a clear difference between each process. Not to mention most bed in box brands manipulate this to their benefit by contracting Chinese companies for components and a different company for packaging, allowing them to hide the true source and true quality of their components. Essentia is proud to be a certified organic mattress manufacturer.