The World’s Only Natural Memory Foam Mattress

The healthiest organic mattress in the world, independently named by internationally renowned wellness institutes, we took organic to the next level and revolutionized sleep. Packed with non-toxic certified organic vegan technology, you’ll experience Beyond Organic® performance sleep for your wellness journey! Essentia. Rise & Thrive™️

Essentia's Stratami Mattress
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Essentia’s starting standard for proper healthy sleep. These are the most comfortable organic latex mattresses on the market. Promoting a clean air environment and are allergy friendly.



Where we came to be known as the World’s Only Natural Memory Foam Mattress. Experience pressure redistribution for unobstructed blood circulation, posture support, spinal support with all the benefits of our lifestyle collection.



Packed with Essentia patented technology. Tested by leading international wellness institutions & unanimously named the healthiest mattress that scores best in accelerated self healing by setting unmatched conditions to maintain deeper sleep cycles.



A custom mattress for next level recovery. Our Essentia ID process allows us to build you a custom sleep system that nurtures your body allowing it to heal and recalibrate.


Made In Our Organic Factory

All Essentia mattresses and pillows are proudly handmade with care
in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory.


What Sets Us Apart

We understand that your mattress has the responsibility to create a stimulant free sleep environment so that your body can maintain the deepest, longest possible sleep cycles. Each category of Essentia organic memory foam mattress offers a different level of unstimulated sleep. With Clean Air Environment being basis of each Essentia collection. As you move up in each category, you will build on the key elements and benefits offered by the mattress.

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Whats Inside Matters

Essentia’s natural memory foam mattresses are made with Hevea milk, the milky white sap of the rubber tree, essential oils like grapefruit seed, coneflower essence, and jasmine essence. Plant extracts and water are added to help achieve the natural memory foam mattress feel Essentia organic mattresses are known for. The result is a next generation, natural rubber latex-based foam that sleeps cooler than any other foam mattress and supports your body so you can experience deep, restorative sleep.

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Jack Founder of Essentia

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A Word From Essentia Athletes

Olympic medalist Hayley Wickenheiser


Five-Time Olympic Medalist

“The benefits of a great mattress are huge for everyday life. I sleep much better on my Essentia mattress. I wake up feeling more rested and less sore. Try it and you will never look back!”

Jean Pascal


Light-Heavyweight Champion

“I travel with my Essentia mattress when I am training in preparation for a fight. It came with me from Montreal to Vegas to Big Bear and back.”

Matt Wisler


Atlanta Braves

“Absolutely love sleeping on my new Essentia mattress! It's the best sleep I've gotten, and I feel so refreshed and relaxed when I wake up.”

Corey Clement


Philadelphia Eagles

“I know from experience how crucial proper recovery is to my performance during the season and leading up to Super Bowl. That’s why it was so important for me to prioritize the kind of sleep I experience. Essentia was the answer for me, since sleeping on my Essentia I fall asleep right away and wake up feeling refreshed. I can feel that the quality of sleep I’ve been getting translates into my performance on field. This is hands down the game changer for any professional athlete.”