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"I feel that Essentia mattress combined with Dream Weaver is the perfect combination for a restful sleep for reinventing your body, resurrecting your soul." Deepak Chopra. Alternative Medicine Advocate, Public Speaker, Author.


The only Hippocrates approved mattress, Essentia produces the most advanced sleep solutions for health and whole body recovery. Brian Clement, Co-Director Hippocrates Health Institute, says ”There is no better bed I've slept on that has ever invited me, made me comfortable and slept so deeply as Essentia."


Director of Sport Science & Performance, Pittsburgh Penguins, NHL. “Essentia is the only mattress that has performed well with my athletes. Other mattresses can stimulate the central nervous system making it difficult for athletes to get the proper rest and recovery.”


“I’ve recently switched to Essentia’s natural memory foam mattress after learning their mattresses are considered the world’s healthiest according to Delos, the founder of the WELL Building Standard®, a conclusion that was reached after analyzing and testing dozens of mattresses with teams from Columbia University Medical Center and the Cleveland Clinic. I have to say, the difference is clear. I’ve been enjoying a new level of rest and recovery, plus the peace of mind of knowing that I’m getting a healthy night’s sleep.” Dr. Frank Lipman


“FYZICAL is changing healthcare and physical therapy by bringing prevention and holistic care to the forefront of the patient experience. At FYZICAL we are spelled different because we are different! We are different because we want to help every man, woman and child be at their FYZICAL best! This includes the most basic human element of recovery, SLEEP. That's why we took so much time searching for a company whose product was backed by science and evidence. We found Essentia, The Worlds Healthiest Mattress." Mike Graves, MS, PT Director, FYZICAL, LLC


Delos created the WELL Building Standard, which works in tandem with LEED Certification to promote healthy indoor environments. Delos evaluated & systematically vetted over a hundred mattress companies & manufacturers before choosing Essentia. Using the same rigor applied across all verticals Delos substantiated Essentia’s results. Products selected for the program are paramount to the integrity as a company. Delos enthusiastically recommends Essentia’s mattress as best in class. Not only related to comfort, sleep, & posture alignment but also as it pertains to low VOC off-gassing & health-related matters.


Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Essentia mattresses are impervious to dust mites and do not contain latex proteins that a person may be allergic to as reported by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton Director, Dermatology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology Reference Laboratory.


“The Essentia mattress core provides an effective solution to minimize the impact of temperature affected sleep deprivation. Evidence suggests that a reduction in surface temperature could prevent fluctuations in skin temperature and maximize the total time spent on sleep.” Dr. Jace Provo MD, MS, CAQSM


“Essentia products are expected to accelerate recovery by creating the necessary environment characteristics needed for concussion recovery by providing optimal conditions of oxygen levels, maintaining core temperature and minimization of brain stimuli.” - Dr. David Soria