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Frequently Asked Questions

120-Night Mattress Sleep Trial

How It Works

We know you'll love your Essentia mattress, but we also want you to rest assured that in the event you want to make a change you have the flexibility to do so.

The 120-Night Sleep Trial is applicable to the Tatami, Stratami, Classic REM5, Dormeuse REM9 and Grateful Bed Jr mattresses only. For many Essentia sleepers they fall in love from night 1, but some sleepers need a bit more time to adjust to their new mattress. This is dependent on the type of surface you are transitioning from, the body and spine does take some time to fully adjust to the new sleep surface. In fact, as your body is realigning and you experience proper back support you may actually have a few aches and pains during this time but we promise it will be worth it! Your 120-Night trial begins on the day that your new mattrss is delivered, we do require you to sleep on your new mattrss for a minimum of 30 nights before deciding to return or exchange your mattress.

If after 30 nights you are sure that you need a different Essentia model or want to return your mattress simply contact us and a member of our customer care team will be happy to coordinate this for you. All mattresses must be returned in good condition, free from stains and damage. Unlike other companies, we do arrange to have your mattress picked up and brought back to us for donation or recycling. We do not ask you to pack your mattress up, as it is quite heavy and cannot be rolled once unpacked. This is why we arrange to have a team pick up the mattress from your home. All returns are subject to approval based on the condition of the mattress. Once approved our customer care team processes your refund minus the nominal return fee representing 9% of the listed retail price of the mattress plus any applicable taxes.

Mattresses that are in amazing condition get a brand new GOTS certified organic cotton cover and are donated to amazing charities that we work with via our Betterhood program.

If you're outside of the continental USA or Canada, any charges incurred for returning the merchandise, such as transportation, are solely the consumer’s responsibility in addition to a 5% processing fee.

Refunds are issued once the merchandise has been received and inspected. All Items must be returned in good condition. If you do elect to return your mattress, please call Essentia at 888-764-4116.

* Important: Your mattress must be returned in good condition, with all instructions, warranties or other paperwork. Promotional items received free of charge at the time of purchase will be deducted at full retail price from your refund. Your reasons for returning are required. Returns shall not be accepted if the product has been physically damaged intentionally due to accident or neglect; including but not limited to damage by burns, cuts, water, stains, humidity/mold, bodily fluids or is otherwise abnormally soiled, used or unsanitary. If ever the item is deemed defective you will receive a full refund including the 9% return fee. If you have purchased an UrthSleep Mattress by Essentia the return fee is $99 plus any applicable taxes. Maximum of 2 returns or exchanges per client.


Given the personal nature of these items, returns are only accepted in the event that the product is damaged at delivery or if there is a product defect. All items listed above are final sale, however, some of these products do carry a warranty to protect your investment. 

Defective Products.If you feel you have received a defective product please call us 888-764-4116 or contact us.

Our 120 Night Mattress Sleep Trial only applies to purchases made directly with Essentia.

How long can you keep your mattress in the box?

Essentia mattresses are compressed and rolled for shipping. It is incumbent on the consumer to unpack the mattress within 30 days of recieving the mattress. Failure to do so will void your warranty.

A Mattress that is compressed for a prolonged period can have structural damage and/or condensation from being packaged for an extended period of time.

What kind of foundation works best with an Essentia mattress?

Your new Essentia mattress works perfectly on our vertebase foundation or Rize adjustable foundation. 

You may also use your Essentia on a slatted bed base. Should you opt for slats, ensure that each slat is completely flat and firm (no bowing upwards or plastic parts) and that there are no more than 3 inches of space in between each slat. 

Please ensure that you are using a proper foundation option with your Essentia as an improper foundation may affect your warranty. A box spring should not be used unless the inside does not contain actual springs but is a firm surface. 

Oops there was an accident on the mattress, how do I clean it?

 In the event there is a small accident or spill on your mattress don’t fret!

Your first step will be to absorb as much of the excess liquid as possible with a dry cloth. If you feel the need for surface cleaning we do not recommend the use of any chemical cleaners. You can choose to use essential oils in water such as tea tree and lavender. Allow the surface to fully air dry before putting the covers back on.

Can I Wash an Essentia Pillow?

You can machine wash the GOTS certified organic cotton cover of your pillow in cold water and a mild detergent. Do not use bleach. You can then use the air dry setting of your dryer or hang it dry. Organic cotton is sensitive to heat and may shrink if exposed to high heat. Be sure the cover is fully dry before putting it back on your pillow.

You can spot clean the inner liner of the pillow with a damp cloth and allow to fully air dry.

Remember, Essentia's Beyond Latex organic foams are impervious to dust mites!

Please do not put your entire Essentia pillow in the washing machine.

How do I wash the mattress cover?

The GOTS certified organic cotton cover is machine washable. As organic cotton can be affected by heat please only wash in cold water using a mild eco-friendly detergent. Allow to air dry.

Do not use bleach or other chemical cleaners on your mattress.

Do I need to use a waterproof protector on my Essentia mattress?

We do not recommend the use of waterproof covers on an Essentia mattress unless in situations where accidents may be common such as with small children or older adults.

The reason being that even the most natural waterproof cover still must use some sort of lamination or backing to protect the mattress. This lamination is plastic which can trap heat and negate the active cooling effects of our foam.

Plus, the more layers you put between yourself and the foam the less contour and pressure relieving benefits you experience. All Essentia mattresses do come with an organic cotton cover that can be removed and washed.

How long does it take to get a new mattress?

We are proud to make all of our mattress by hand in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory.

This process can take up to 10 business days before your new mattress is ready to be shipped. In some cases we may have a mattress ready to go or are able to accomodate a faster time frame.

How do I move my Essentia mattress?

Once your Essentia mattress is set up in your room you won’t be able to roll the mattress again, as​ we do use some pretty cool machinery to get that done but there is an easy way to store and transport your Essentia mattress.

​You will want to fold the mattress, where the top of the mattress or foam is the inside and the bottom is the outside almost like the cover. You would then place it in a mattress bag and tape that one end closed. When you are taping, be sure you are using the tape on the mattress bag only and not on the mattress itself. This will make it easier to move so there won't be any excessive pulling.

Please be sure you do not pull at the corners of the mattress as this may cause rips. By using the folding technique the mattress becomes more manageable. 

When moving your mattress, ensure there are no heavy items placed on top of the mattress as this may cause damage or cracking. You also should not force the mattress in half, when done properly the end that has the fold will have more of a curve. Think of it as a U but that has been closed at the top.

Why should I choose Essentia?

We are the leader in sleep wellness. Essentia mattresses are far more comfortable than regular latex mattresses topped with wool. This is why pro athletes choose us when they want the healthiest and most comfortable mattress on the market. We also test our products for things like VOC's and performance.

Some Essentia Highlights:
✓ We are the manufacturer. (99% of the industry just assemble components)
✓ We are constantly evolving and making strides in organic technology to improve performance sleep.
✓ We invented and patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam, the only slow response organic latex foam that performs like a memory foam without the use of toxic chemicals.
✓ We invented and patented a revolutionary molding process for our organic foams that elevates comfort and performance.
✓ All Essentia organic foams are high density, and are some of the higest in the industry! All our patented organic latex foams are 5lb or 6.25lb density.

Just an example of how passionate we are about quality: Organic cotton covers used by most companies have polyester fill and regular unbleached cotton backing. Not good enough. We traveled to Italy and had machinery re-tooled to handle organic fibers and extra wide fabric. It took 2 years but we created one of the few truly unbleached organic covers out there and it's made with organic dyes as well.

That's why people choose Essentia mattresses because they want the best. Health and comfort without compromise.

Does your organic foam sleep hot like memory foam?

No! Our patened Beyond Latex organic foam does not rely on your body heat to contour to your body, which is very different from a traditional memory foam.

More importantly, our Beyond Latex organic foam allows for air to flow through the mattress. Plus with the enhanced cooling properties of activated quartz, Essentia sleepers benefit from active cooling at night.

The Tatami and Stratami are temperature neutral meaning they will not actively cool or heat the body at night. The Classic REM5 sleep surface can cool up to 5 degrees over an 8 hour sleep cycle, and the Dormeuse REM9 sleep surface can cool up to 9 degrees over an 8 hour sleep cycle.

How much will shipping cost?

We offer free FedEx delivery to your door on every order in the contiguous United States.

As the leaders in environmental manufacturing, this means that we also had to prioritize a way to ship our dense mattresses to reduce our carbon footprint. In order to do this, we have developed a specially fitted roll-pack machine to compress and roll our mattresses into boxes that take up 75% less space on the delivery truck. 

All mattresses are compressed and rolled, shipped in a tall skinny box. In fact, you may confuse it for a carpet if the weight was no issue.

The Classic REM5 and Dormeuse REM9 10-Inch mattresses in King and California King size only ship via complimentary In-Home Delivery as there is some assembly required.

You may opt to upgrade your shipping to In Home Delivery for $249 per mattress or foundation. With this service, you will receive a call to schedule your delivery and the team will set up your new mattress. They can also remove your old mattress if you choose. 

Do you ship to Hawaii or Puerto Rico?

We can absolutely ship our mattresses, pillows and small accessories to Hawaii, Puerto Rico or other overseas locations.

There may be some limitations on certain king size mattresses as shipping is based on weight, this also means we cannot ship the Rize adjustable foundation outside of the contiguous United States.

You would be responsible for shipping costs. Our customer care team is happy to get a shipping quote for you. Alternately, we do offer free shipping in the contiguous United States which means if you already have a freight forwarded we can ship for free to their warehouse location.

Can you ship worldwide?

We can absolutely ship our mattresses, pillows and small accessories worldwide including the UK, Australia, Singapore and more.

There may be some limitations on certain king size mattresses as shipping is based on weight, this also means we cannot ship the Rize adjustable foundation outside of the contiguous United States.

You would be responsible for shipping costs, as well as any taxes or duties that might apply once landed.

Our customer care team is happy to get a shipping quote for you. Alternately, we do offer free shipping in the contiguous United States which means if you already have a freight forwarded we can ship for free to their warehouse location.