Our Mission

Essentia exists to spread health and wellness effortlessly while you sleep and building the “Betterhood” everywhere we go.

Jack's Story

“My journey began after experiencing a family member’s battle with cancer, after being made aware of the toxins in everyday item we struggled to find a mattress that offered pressure relief and posture support without introducing toxins to the bedroom. I realized at that point how important this was not only for someone battling disease, but also healthy people.

That’s when Essentia was born, 15 years later and we’re more than just the world’s healthiest mattresses. Essentia has revolutionized sleep and how it impacts your environment. The frenzy of the bed-in-a-box has reached absurd heights today, yet nothing has changed as far as health and wellness of the products being offered. This is where Essentia stands alone, providing products made with natural and organic components and unparalleled quality without compromise. People everywhere are quickly realizing the importance of healthy, natural choices during the 16 hours they’re awake. We’re determined to fill that same need for the eight hours they’re asleep.” 

Why We Do It

Essentia was founded to solve a void on the market. There was no pressure-relieving mattress that did not off gas. This is an issue if you have chemical sensitivities; are suffering from diseases like cancer; choose prevention over chronic exposure to chemicals; value an organic lifestyle or are seeking higher quality sleep.

Essentia developed and still manufactures the world’s only natural memory foam mattresses. Today, the Performance Collection in the Essentia lineup represents this original category. To this day, the Performance collection mattresses are still a more advanced memory foam option than anything else one the market.

But Essentia didn’t stop there, after continued research and development, by 2009, Essentia patented a new core technology. This came about after understanding the value of sleep, the power that it had over your wellness, recovery, and happiness, and the important roll that we play by offering top of the line, innovative, healthy sleep options. Essentia understands that your mattress has the responsibility to create a stimulant free sleep environment so that your body can maintain the deepest, longest possible sleep cycles. All Essentia mattresses offer this and more, with each category of Essentia mattress offering a different level of unstimulated sleep.