Essentia's Beyond Organic® Standard

Man sleeping on an Essentia Mattress with the Essentia Beyond Organic logo

What Does It Mean to Be Beyond Organic®?

Beyond Organic® is a self-managed initiative that is at the core of all our product design and processes. Our mattresses at Essentia are and always have been far beyond organic. The products and components are thoughtfully designed and sourced for clean, ethical, and life replenishing sleep.

Fact: Chemicals are routinely used in Certified Organic Mattresses.

Being true to our Beyond Organic® values, Essentia products are always Vegan and Cruelty-Free, our old-world methodologies are not easy but they are the right way to assure the purest possible outcome to preserve clean and healthy indoor air quality while achieving the highest recovery performance and sleep benefits ever.

Did you know the air inside your home can be more polluted than outside air?

Reducing the stimulating chemicals in your home such as volatile organic compounds or VOCs and other toxic fumes can be the most challenging, and you are especially at risk of becoming subject to these stimulants from your mattress.

You will spend a least a third of your life sleeping, and your skin is the body’s largest organ. A mattress made of polyurethane foams, traditional memory foams, and glues contains higher densities of chemical foams than almost any other piece of household furniture. The off-gassing coming from these mattresses can be considered stimulants that increase the activity of your central nervous system which is associated with the effectiveness of restorative sleep. The key to restorative sleep is to reduce the activity of the central nervous system while you are asleep which puts your brain into recovery mode and activates the body’s nightly cleansing of toxins. If you are actively introducing these stimulants via your mattress, your central nervous system never gets the opportunity to release the toxins you encountered during your daily activities.

This is why Essentia’s Beyond Organic® standard has us going above and beyond just choosing organic ingredients, but also prioritizing ethical sourcing. This means that all ingredients come from certified organic farms, with minimal processing and manufacturing waste.

Good For You, Better for the Sheep

All Essentia mattresses and pillows are vegan and cruelty-free. There are many reasons we don’t use wool or animal by-products, but the most important is that every Essentia product is allergy-friendly. We don’t want to introduce any wool or fiber batting that may become a nesting ground for dust mites. Plus, in many cases, wool is touted as a natural flame retardant but what you don’t know is what it may have been treated with to make that possible.

A hidden stimulant in wool and organic fibers are detergents that are used to clean the fibers as when they are gathered they are filled with soil, insects, and feces. Additionally, these fibers are often treated with another stimulant: flame retardants. Flame retardants are traditionally introduced blended into these fibers or as an additional backing to these fibers. Essentia has been tested by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine to be proven to be safe for allergy sufferers.

No Toxic Flame Retardants

Here at Essentia we don’t use any toxic flame retardants or spray our mattresses with any toxic substances. In fact, we also don’t use fiberglass, silica, boric acid, or antimony. Each Essentia mattress shipped to the US is wrapped in a fabric sock, this kevlar fabric sock is non-toxic. By using Kevlar, the same fabric used in bulletproof vests we provide the same safety standards as other mattress brands without compromising our product integrity and commitment to a healthier night's sleep. Since Kevlar is a fabric sock for the mattress, we don't spray any harsh chemicals in our factory.


Here at Essentia, we know that Mother Nature knows best! That’s why our Beyond Latex organic foam mattresses are made using materials that come from the earth, not a chemical plant. Did you know that since our products are sourced from the earth, they can be returned to it after it’s been used? All Essentia mattresses and pillows are biodegradable when fully exposed to the elements – wind, rain, sun – consistently over a three-year period. We recognize that most mattresses aren’t like this, which is adding to the pollution of our Earth.