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Bring your Stay Well Sleep Experience Home with the Clean Cradling Comfort of the Stay Well Mattress.


The Stay Well Mattress by Essentia

Your experience in a Stay Well room was created to build an environment that has a positive impact on your health, happiness, and well-being. The experience is designed to help the six core concepts that impact your physiological state - refresh, adjust, nourish, activate, rest and sustain. One of the most important for both your body and your travel journey is the rest you experience while staying in a Stay Well room. To deliver the highest quality sleep available for the Stay Well program hundreds of mattresses were evaluated and systematically vetted before choosing Essentia. All products selected for the Stay Well program are paramount to the integrity of the experience, and the Essentia mattress was enthusiastically recommended as best in class. Not only related to comfort, sleep, & posture alignment but also as it pertains to low VOC off-gassing & health-related matters making it the perfect cornerstone of the sleep and rest provided by the Stay Well experience.

"I feel that Essentia mattress combined with Dream Weaver is the perfect combination for a restful sleep for reinventing your body, resurrecting your soul."




Performance Sleep for Athletes and You

Essentia engineers mattresses that provide unmatched rest and recovery for athletes making it the game-changer for many. Sleep is all about recovery and Essentia puts those 8 hours on overdrive by nurturing the body, allowing it to heal and recalibrate. Pressure points are eliminated and blood circulates freely, feeding your body and mind. Over 25% of professional hockey players sleep on Essentia, including the Las Vegas Knights very own Max Pacioretty who had this to say about sleep on Essentia:

“I feel that most of my recovering from injuries happen while I sleep. Sleep (in my mind) is the most important part of recovery. That’s why I felt the need to search for the best mattress and I felt that the Essentia mattress was the best out there. I am definitely satisfied with the quality of sleep I have been getting.”

Made in Essentia’s GOLS & GOTS Certified Organic Factory

As one of only two latex foam manufacturers in North America, Essentia is the only one to offer our product directly to you. Our proprietary latex foam formulas are created from single ingredients all the way to finished mattresses in our Canadian factory. Our award-winning team of engineers has been recognized for their research and development accomplishments in developing the healthiest mattress materials and mattress cores making Essentia the leader in healthy sleep and environmental manufacturing. Our factory managers and skilled craftsmen manage all-natural and organic materials, molding of the mattresses, curing, quality control, and packaging with traceability up to the point that we ship to your home.

Luxuriously Comfortable

Sleep is the most critical thing a hotel can offer to you, the experience should have you waking up ready to conquer the day. This is where the Stay Well mattress by Essentia steps in. Taking comfort to a new level, Essentia’s patented natural memory foam provides deep pressure relief and cradling comfort for proper support. Made using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, the Stay Well mattress sleeps up to seven degrees cooler than other traditional memory foams. You can also rest easy knowing this allergy-friendly mattress is a dust mite deterrent. You can experience this luxuriously comfortable sleep nightly by bringing the Stay Well mattress home.

Experience the Stay Well Mattress By Essentia

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