A latex mattress, but better! Featuring the comfort of Essentia’s patented natural memory foam you won’t find any wool or cotton on the Tatami. The Tatami’s even surface provides a touch of pressure relief and slightly less contour than our Stratami.

  • Allergy Friendly

    Unlike traditional latex mattresses, you won’t find any wool or cotton on the Tatami. This allergy friendly mattress doesn’t have any fibrous nesting grounds that dust mites love.
  • Clean Air Environment

    Made using only highest quality natural and organic components the Tatami promotes a clean air environment so your body spends less time fighting outside elements.
  • Mid-Contour

    The Tatami features our patented natural memory foam for a touch of pressure relief and gentle contour.

Organically Built

This natural latex mattress delivers with a gentle contour promoted by the natural latex support layer and natural memory foam.

  • No Chemical Flame Retardants

    Made in Essentia’s GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory, there are no chemical flame retardants used on any Essentia product.
  • Comfort Layer

    1” Essentia patented natural memory foam.
  • Organic Cotton Cover

    This GOTS certified organic cover features a full zip making it easy to remove and washable.
  • Natural Hevea Latex Support Core

    7” natural support foam gradually transitions to your body offering proper spinal alignment for support that doesn’t bottom out.

Essentia's Certified Organic Factory

Our products are proudly handmade in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory in Canada. We are one of only two latex manufacturers in North America and the only to sell our product directly to you!


Made with Hevea Milk

Our Natural Memory Foam is made using hevea milk (rubber tree sap). It feels like the memory foam we all know and love, but it's made without the gunk.