A recent study by the American College of Cardiology outlined that five low risk sleep habits proved to have long-term benefits on health and life expectancy. Subjects were asked to rate these sleep habits between zero, meaning they didn’t accomplish the habit, or up to five, showing a high sleep quality. Curiously, these five habits seem quite simple: 

  1. Getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep each night. 
  2. Only having difficulty falling asleep up to two times a week. 
  3. Only having trouble staying asleep up to two times a week. 
  4. Not using any sleep aids or medications. 
  5. Waking up and feeeling well rested at least five days a week. 

Of the 172,321 people who participated in the National Health Interview Survey, men who scored all five quality sleep measured as a five had a 4.7-year greater life expectancy, and women who scored all five sleep habits a five had a 2.4 year greater life expectancy compared to respondents who had none or only one of the five sleep habits ranked highly. 

This is a clear indicator that good sleep hygiene and setting sleep habits early on do have a direct effect on your longevity, but is it as simple as going to sleep? 

Let’s delve into what you can do to help improve your sleep quality with a wellness mattress that can help you experience quality sleep and what we refer to here at Essentia as Passive Wellness. 

Sleep Technology for Passive Wellness

Here at Essentia, we believe that everyone should be practicing Passive Wellness, but what do we mean when we say passive wellness?


Passive Wellness is an effortless approach to your wellness. It’s about designing your environment to naturally improve your physical, mental, and emotional state - without putting significant effort into your actions. It’s why we design mattresses with health and wellness at the forefront. This includes not just eliminating harmful chemicals but also enhancing sleep quality through design that eliminates sleep interrupting stimulants, promotes proper spinal alignment, pressure relief, and improved circulation. These are Essentia's key elements for deep and restorative sleep. 

When it comes to sleep, the most important decisions you will make will be what you are sleeping on. Practicing passive wellness means your decision will help you achieve your wellness goal without needing to calculate what you need to do to accomplish your wellness goals. 

This is why here at Essentia we design wellness mattresses that accomplish more than just extremely comfortable sleep, but that also work to tick off multiple boxes on the checklist of what you should be introducing to your bedroom to ensure you experience exceptional sleep quality. When you choose an Essentia wellness mattress, the hardest decision you will have to make after is simply what time you need to go to bed. 

Essentia’s patented sleep technology has truly redefined the industry standards, outclassing all others in quality and performance. What do we mean by this? Take the concept that you should be sleeping in a room that is below 70 degrees, while a cool room feels great, if the mattress you are sleeping on traps heat then those external factors will not stop you from tossing and turning. 

What we have identified is that a constant thermal regulation at the surface of the mattress is what will truly keep you in your REM and Deep Sleep cycles, which is why Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex organic foam has been designed not only for breathability but also to actively cool the sleep surface as you sleep eliminating heat traps. This is one less thing you need to worry about when going to bed and the definition of passive wellness. 

Choosing the Right Wellness Mattress

When choosing a wellness mattress, you need to look at the benefits that mattress will introduce to your bedroom. Ideally, you want a wellness mattress that will tackle multiple of your sleep pain points to ensure you are increasing your sleep quality and in turn your longevity. 

Woman meditating while sitting on her wellness mattress

What Your Wellness Mattress Should Accomplish: 

Certified Organic 

Your first step will be to ensure you are choosing a mattress that is certified organic and free of harmful toxins that keep your central nervous system active thus interrupting your sleep.

At the heart of Essentia’s Beyond Latex™ organic foam is organic latex, a natural and renewable resource derived from the sap of rubber trees, making it an eco-conscious choice. Through sustainable cultivation and processing practices, we minimize our environmental impact compared to synthetic materials. Choosing our bedding means making an informed decision to prioritize the planet's well-being.

Our Beyond Latex™ organic foam mattress stands out by minimizing off-gassing and reducing the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. In contrast to synthetic mattresses, which often emit harmful VOCs that can affect indoor air quality, our mattress ensures a safer and healthier sleep environment.


For individuals with allergies or respiratory sensitivities, organic latex mattresses are a great option since they naturally repel common allergens like dust mites and mold. However, it's important to note that some latex mattresses may incorporate non-hypoallergenic materials like wool, fiber batting, or springs that can all act as nesting ground for dust mites. Therefore, it's crucial to examine the mattress's components thoroughly before making a final decision.

Our Beyond Latex™ organic foam is a remarkable choice for those seeking to enhance their sleep experience by creating a healthier and cleaner environment. It promotes easy breathing and undisturbed, comfortable sleep.

Sleeping Coo

Sleeping cool is more than just dropping the thermostat. There are studies that show a direct correlation between heat and sleep quality. So ensuring you are sleeping on a surface that will keep you cool is essential. 

Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam does more than simply cool, it actively pulls heat away from the body & through the mattress naturally, allowing you to sleep cool all night. In fact, the surface temp of an Essentia mattress, now enhanced with activated quartz, can sleep up to 9 degrees* cooler than your internal body temperature promoting micro-hibernation and natural thermal transfer. *Degree of cooling may differ based on the model.

Eliminating Sleep Interruptions

The last thing you want to do when sleeping is to be constantly woken up by tingling or numbness in your arms or struggling to change positions. 

Essentia’s patented Beyond Latex™ organic foam found on Essenti mattresses eliminates pressure points & evenly distributes body weight allowing for oxygen & blood to flow more freely, this helps to eliminate numbness and soreness. Exposure to high levels of oxygen at night encourages the brain to remain in deep, restorative sleep cycles.

Featured exclusively on the Dormeuse REM9, Essentia’s patented technology takes this concept to the next level with our accelerated recovery Beyond Latex™ organic foam which reacts quickly to every movement and readapts to your body eliminating sleep interruptions. This is important as your body will make natural movements at night, but the goal is for you to never be woken up by them. This in turn extends your time in Deep Sleep and REM sleep cycles for your body to truly heal and recover from the day.

Keeping You Connected and Healthy 

This sleep technology, exclusively found at Essentia, is truly a game changer for your bedroom. Our goal is to ensure you don’t have to give up what you love to experience quality sleep. In this day and age, our devices come to bed with us. However, the erratic EMF waves from these devices affect your sleep quality. 

Through dark film microscopy Essentia has identified how blood cells react to EMF radiation in that your blood begins to cluster and clot disrupting the natural flow of blood through the body. Essentia’s EMF barrier foam is proven to return your blood cells to their natural free-flowing state, which allows the bloodstream to optimize the oxygen flowing through the body thus improving your body’s nighttime recovery cycle and improving your sleep quality.

Invest in Your Health

Woman waking up and stretching happily on her bed

Opting to choose a wellness mattress like Essentia is an investment in your health and overall longevity. If you’re ready to start practicing passive wellness, the next hardest decision you have to make is which Essentia mattress model will fit your lifestyle the best! 

After that, sleeping deeper and living longer is as easy as going to bed. 

Sleep quality is crucial for overall health. It can enhance mental clarity, emotional well-being, and physical health by supporting critical bodily functions and healing processes. Essentia addresses the problem of unhealthy sleep environments caused by traditional mattresses, which often contain harmful chemicals. By developing natural memory foam mattresses, Essentia offers a healthier, chemical-free sleep surface that promotes better sleep quality without sacrificing comfort.