Once you realize that Essentia is the right fit, you are just 2 decisions away from choosing your Essentia mattress

With 3 categories to choose from, you want to pick one that aligns with your commitment to sleep. Sleep takes a different priority in your life at different times and can be dictated by your lifestyle, career, financing, and even health. You made the first big choice, and your sleep values align with Essentia’s benefits. Take a look at our three mattress categories and decide which one fits your needs the best.

Lifestyle Mattresses

The foundation to all Essentia mattresses, each and every Essentia model will feature these benefits. Our Lifestyle collection is where truly healthy sleep begins, made with certified organic and natural materials these mattresses reduce your potential chronic exposure to low level toxins that may stimulate your central nervous system. As with all Essentia mattresses, you won’t find any wool or fiber batting that creates a nesting area for dust mites at the surface making them impervious to critters that may cause allergies as reported by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. These natural latex mattresses are a fan favorite and have been recognized as the top foam mattresses by the leading independent consumer publication year after after.
Financing from $20 to $56/Month

Performance Mattresses

Essentia’s original technology, our commitment to researching and understanding wellness through sleep started here with our Performance collection. Based on our proprietary latex blends, this collection is where we came to be known as the World’s Only Natural Memory Foam Mattress. Here you will find the physical benefits of memory foam: pressure redistribution for unobstructed blood circulation, posture support, spinal support married with all the benefits of our lifestyle collection while also sleeping on average three degrees cooler over an eight hour time period which no other memory foam has ever replicated.
Financing from $39 to $85/Month

Wholebody Mattresses

Packed with Essentia patented technology and all 6 key elements for true whole body recovery these mattresses are the top of the line, no other mattress compares. It is our belief that there is nothing more powerful than the body’s own ability to heal itself physically and mentally. Our Wholebody Recovery natural memory foam mattresses have been tested by leading international wellness institutions and unanimously named the healthiest mattress that scores best for accelerated self healing by setting unmatched conditions to maintain deeper sleep cycles. Patented fast response foam sleep surface drops seven degrees over an 8-hour sleep cycle creating a state of micro-hibernation that when paired with a clean air environment, spinal support, pressure relief, and zero-gravity comfort will have you experiencing unmatched deep sleep cycles for the highest rate of recovery.
Financing from $55 to $122/Month

We have all the necessary reading materials for you to research our organic and natural memory foam mattresses. When shopping for a mattress online you’re going to want to answer all your questions by finding out what natural & organic materials we use, how we make the natural latex foam, and what other people are saying about our mattresses.
You can buy a mattress online by utilizing Essentia's online mattress store. Essentia also has 16 organic mattress store locations, so you can visit a store near you to test and find the perfect mattress with your desired firmness and quality of our mattresses.
Learn the difference between a natural foam mattress, regular memory foam mattresses, and spring mattresses. Other mattress companies often use materials that are filled with toxic chemicals. Another thing people don’t’ realize is that spring mattresses house dust mites which many people are allergic to. Our natural memory foam mattresses are a great solution for people who suffer from allergies. We believe in getting a great night sleep and our mattresses are engineered to make you sure you get just that. Browse our variety of organic and natural latex mattresses available.