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Dormeuse Fior Organic Mattress

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  • The deep feel of the Dormeuse Fior is perfect for side sleepers and back sleepers or those that simply love a plush feeling mattress. This organic soft mattress doesn’t compromise density or durability to provide a plush pillow-top feel.
  • The world’s only natural memory foam doesn’t have any petrochemicals or toxic chemicals so you experience reduced VOC exposure, while still benefiting from optimal pressure relief, reduced motion transfer, and uninterrupted sleep for deep REM sleep cycles.
  • The best soft cooling mattress. The surface of the Dormeuse Fior, as well as the Dormeuse medium feel and Beausommet firm feel wholebody recovery mattresses, actively cools as you sleep. Proven to sleep up to 7 degrees cooler than your internal body temperature over an 8 hour sleep cycle.
  • Patented molding technology creates a fast response natural memory foam that reacts quickly to small movements for uninterrupted sleep, while also eliminating numbness and soreness for increased blood circulation. A high-density organic latex foam core ensures proper spinal alignment.
  • This non toxic mattress creates a clean air environment, reducing VOC exposure. Essentia’s patented natural memory foam is made using only the highest quality 100% certified organic components including GOLS certified organic latex.
  • An organic eco friendly mattress that doesn’t stimulate allergy or asthma sufferers. Tested by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, there is no wool or fiber batting used to create the plush comfort layer of the Dormeuse Fior moreover, our patented organic latex foam is impervious to dust mites.
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The Fior formula foam will indulge your senses, offering luxurious contouring support and pressure relief. Wellness never felt so heavenly! Unique to Essentia formulas, the deeper the contouring capabilities, the higher the density of our natural memory foam ensuring not just deep luxurious comfort but also proper spinal support. Supremely plush and contouring, the Fior offers the illusion of a plush pillow-top without any of the traditional pillow-top components that attract dust mites such as polyester or wool batting.





Organically Built: Inside the Dormeuse Fior

A luxury organic mattress like no other. The Dormeuse Fior features its’ own high density organic foam formula to offer luxurious contouring support and pressure relief. True rest and recovery never felt so heavenly!

Unique to Essentia’s patented natural memory foam formulas is the ability to maintain the density and integrity of the foam, even when making an organic soft mattress, to not only provide deep luxurious comfort but also proper spinal support. Supremely plush and contouring, the Dormeuse Fior organic mattress offers the feel of a pillow-top mattress without any of the traditional pillow-top components that attract dust mites such as polyester fiber batting or wool. The Fior organic latex foam formula will support and cradle every curve of your body.

On all Wholebody Recovery mattresses, including Beausommet, Dormeuse, and Dormeuse Fior, you can upgrade your organic latex foam to include Essentia’s EMF Barrier Protection. Testing results of this EMF protection foam shows that it is able to encourage a healthy flow of blood cells even when being exposed to high levels of micro radiation from cellular phones and wifi signals. This is more than a grounding mat and is the ultimate EMF protection built into your mattress.

100% certified organic, the Dormeuse Fior features a GOTS certified organic cotton cover that can be easily removed for ease of maintenance. All of the organic ingredients used to craft Essentia mattresses have been thoughtfully sourced from farms that follow all sustainable and ethical farming practices, including strict fair trade and labor standards. The Dormeuse Fior mattress is proudly handcrafted with care in Essentia’s GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory in Canada.

Organic Cotton Cover

This GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cover features a full zip making it easy to remove and wash.

Kevlar Liner

Patented Molding Technology

3-inch Fior formula high density molded patented Beyond Latex™ Natural Memory Foam layer offers a quick response, accelerated recovery and cooling sleep exclusive to Essentia WholeBody Recovery mattresses.

Essentia’s Patented Beyond Latex™ Natural Memory Foam

2-inch high density patented Beyond Latex™ Natural Memory Foam.

Natural Hevea Latex Support Core

3-inch natural hevea latex support foam gradually transitions to your body offering proper spinal alignment for support that doesn't bottom out.
*Image is for display purposes, actual support core may feature multiple layers. 

The Six Key Elements of the Dormeuse Fior

Optimized Sleep

REM and Slow Wave Sleep are sweet spots that keep your memory sharp. It’s often unattainable if your body is jostled too much, like in an uncomfortable mattress. Featuring Essentia's patented molding technology the Dormeuse Fior reacts quickly to your natural movements, thus reducing sleep interruptions allowing you to get in to and stay in these critical stages of sleep.

Proper Posture

The Dormuese Fior eliminates negative space between your body and the surface of the mattress to properly support the back for a more comfortable sleep. The natural hevea latex support core featured in all Essentia mattresses ensures proper spinal alignment.

Accelerated Recovery

Found exclusively in the Wholebody Recovery collection of mattresses. The Dormeuse Fior featuring Essentia's patented natural memory foam technology, provides ultimate pressure relief, increasing blood circulation and eliminating numbness and soreness at night for accelerated recovery. Fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer on Essentia.

Sleeps 7 Degrees Cooler

The Dormeuse Fior naturally pulls heat away from your body and out through the mattress, allowing you to sleep on average 7 degrees cooler than your interal body temperature over and 8-hour sleep cycle. This promotes 'micro-hibernation' allowing you to experience deep REM sleep cycles.

Organically Clean

Made using only the highest quality natural and organic components, Essentia mattresses reduce VOC exposure so your body can spend less time fighting outside elements and more time healing. All Essentia products are manufactured in Essentia’s GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic factory, ensuring that there are no chemical flame retardants, poly foams or toxic chemicals traditionally found in synthetic mattresses.

Allergy Friendly

Essentia mattresses are impervious to dust mites and do not contain latex proteins that may trigger allergies as reported by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Essentia also does not use any wool or fiber batting that may act as a nesting ground for dust mites. You can rest easy knowing you won’t be exposed to potential allergens on an Essentia mattress.

"I feel that Essentia mattress combined with Dream Weaver is the perfect combination for a restful sleep for reinventing your body, resurrecting your soul."



Deepak Chopra

The Luxe Contour Dormeuse Fior

Offering a Luxe contour, experience pressure relief and pronounced adaptive contouring especially at the shoulders and hips. This type of feel is often preferred by those who have a pronounced spinal curve or enjoy the feeling of being cradled by their mattress as the Fior eliminates any negative space between your body and the mattress. Unique to Essentia, we don’t reduce density to create softness. By increasing our latex elasticity we assure the highest level of posture support, quality and durability without compromise. The Fior is made with our most dense and highest elasticity formula to assure that your pronounced arches and curves are fully support from the first day you use your Essentia and throughout  the life of your mattress.

One of a Kind Manufacturing

All Essentia mattresses are made in our Canadian factory where each model has its unique latex formula derived from the finest organic ingredients. The Dormeuse Fior luxe formula latex foam is cured to perfection following our patented molding process. Each layer goes through a molding process making it unique for its support or comfort purpose, once we’ve fabricated each layer they are inserted into the final mold where the Luxe formula latex foam binds them together to create a single core without the use of adhesives thus creating a permanent bond. This patented molding process creates a fast response which allows you to experience ease of movement which reduces sleep interruptions while providing unmatched full-body spinal support. The Dormeuse Fior eliminates negative space, offering pressure relief that increases blood circulation thus eliminating numbness and soreness.

Environmentally Friendly

Toxins and VOCs can stimulate your central nervous system, interrupting your deep sleep cycles. Made in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, the Dormeuse Fior reduces VOC exposure and promotes a clean air environment. You won’t find any chemical flame retardants or dangerous toxins in the Fior. When shipping your new mattress to you, we take care to be sure we are reducing our carbon footprint at each step this is why we compress and roll the mattress into a box that takes up 75% less space in a truck and used 75% less packaging than a traditional mattress.

Naturally Cool Sleep

The surface of the Fior drops on average seven degrees cooler than your internal body temperature over an eight-hour sleep cycle. We achieve this without resorting to adding cooling chemicals or chemical-laden fabrics our patented natural memory high-density foam actually wicks heat away from the body and allows it to dissipate through the mattress. You also won't find any wool, cotton or fiber batting that can act as a nesting ground for dust mites. In fact, Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine has reported that dust mites cannot penetrate or live in Essentia's patented natural memory foam. The Fior is hypoallergenic and will not stimulate the body by introducing allergens to your sleep environment.