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The Betterhood is Essentia’s local community initiative.

The Betterhood is Essentia’s local community initiative.

 Every Essentia store is part of a community and one of our big goals is to get involved with our local charities, causes, artists and organizations.

This is why you’ll find us hosting charity events that allowed us to pass a bill in Calgary to stop the culling of wild horses, running silent auctions to raise funds for food banks in Vancouver, hosting clothing drives to support firefighters in Denver or pet adoption days to show some love for our furry friends. Across each Essentia location you will find an array of events that allow local entrepreneurs to showcase their skills whether it be yoga, meditation, or wellness talks we love hosting it all. Not to mention all the local artists that get the opportunity to showcase their work in our beautiful spaces. Suffice it to say, the Essentia team is a passionate bunch.

The Betterhood has also been growing with the introduction of the Healthy Living Lecture Series in conjunction with the Hippocrates Health Institute. These free monthly lectures feature some of the top teachers from Hippocrates and wellness experts to bring unprecedented free access to the knowledge and the science of wellness. Come enjoy one of our local events and join the Betterhood!

Contact your local Essentia if you'd like to host a betterhood event in one of our showrooms!