Joining the Essentia team means you believe in innovation, attention to detail and that every good story starts with a lot of love! Essentia is far from just a mattress company, we change lives. Sleep is not just a state of unconsciousness. We work daily to unveil sleep’s true impact as a whole-body healing system because better sleep is life-changing. From R&D to the factory floor to front-line sales, we all aim for the same things. Every employee works for that greater purpose. We pride ourselves on being the only product on the market to address the 6 key elements to recovery, which include Whole-body Comfort, Optimized Sleep, Proper Posture, Temperature Control, Clean Air Environment, and Allergy Tested. These elements allow the body to recover faster from daily stresses, injury, and even concussions. Because of this, we're growing fast and we're looking for the right people to join our movement.

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