Organic Sheets
from $259.00
Luxuriously soft, Essentia's 100% organic cotton luxury sheet set is made from supremely soft certified organic sateen cotton.
DormIQ Foam Mattress Topper
from $399.00
Patented natural memory foam mattress topper offering clean air and allergy-friendly environment to any room, the perfect addition to any room. Dorm IQ is available in 2 different thicknesses either a 1-inch natural memory foam topper or 2-inch na...
from $149.00
Taking luxury dog beds to a whole new level, Kingston is made entirely of a comforting mix of three unique shredded foams including our patented natural memory foam and natural latex foams for maximum pressure relief, breathability and durability.
Body Guard Mattress Cover
from $149.00
Twin Size Body Guard on Backorder.  Cotton waterproof mattress protector for surface coverage and peace-of-mind protection. Protect your quality mattress from stains with a breathable mattress cover. Get a better sleep knowing you are keeping your...
Deepak Chopra DreamWeaver
“My Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver™ glasses married with sleeping on an Essentia mattress is the only way to achieve a true sleep haven.” - Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver glasses by Deepak Chopra are designed to help those who have never tried or struggl...
Essentia Gift Card
from $100.00
The perfect present for any occasion, give the gift of choice with an Essentia e-gift card. Now you don’t have to make the hard choices, with an Essentia e-gift card the recipient can choose the Essentia product that fits their lifestyle the best.