Our Mattresses are Made in Canada!

The only natural memory foam mattresses in the World are proudly manufactured in Canada. 

We, Essentia, have 20 stores across Canada and the USA but every Essentia is still made in Canada, just outside Montreal Quebec.

Many companies claim their products are made in Canada which is not the entire truth. 

Other companies may assemble in Canada but most "mattress manufacturers" import their components from other countries. 

When it comes to mattresses, small and large brand name companies often import their foams and memory foams from China. It's technically assembled in Canada so they slap on the "Made in Canada" text.

We manufacture our patented natural memory foam just outside Montreal in our factory.

All our organic mattresses, latex mattresses, and pillows are assembled by Essentia, in Canada. Essentia prides itself on being the only company to create and produce a natural memory foam. The formulation is patented and proprietary, the result of years of research and development, trial and error.

Essentia's Natural Memory Foam is made using the finest components including natural Dunlop latex, organic Cone essence, jasmine essence, plant solid extracts and water. A refreshing difference from the chemicals you'll find in other mattresses.

At Essentia, we take great pride in manufacturing as much as we can, by hand, in Canada. Manufacturing components locally ensure a premium grade product as well as minimal waste in production and transportation costs and emissions.

Organic mattresses are not all created equal. Discover the Essentia difference.