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Get ready to try the only natural and eco-friendly memory foam mattress in the world (located only a short drive from Boulder and Colorado Springs). 
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Essentia - Natural Memory Foam Mattress

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Location Overview

When simply organic just isn’t enough, Essentia is the answer!

In the past, health-conscious Denver natives had only the choice of latex mattresses and wool mattresses if they were simply looking for a healthy option. They missed out on the pressure-relieving comfort of a memory foam eco mattress, because of concerning toxins.   Now with the Essentia organic mattress store in Denver, Denverites no longer have to choose between a sustainable and eco friendly product. Essentia's organic mattresses and patented natural memory foam are made using only the highest quality natural and organic components.

Our patented technologies make it the only mattress that addresses the 6 key elements of Wholebody recovery including Wholebody Comfort, Optimized Sleep, Proper Postures, Temperature Control, Clean Air Environment, and Allergy Friendly.

Named the World’s Healthiest Mattress by Delos and the International Well Institute, Essentia’s top of the line organic performance mattresses have also been tested by the John’s Hopkins School of Medicine.

Essentia is Colorado’s natural choice for organic mattresses in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins and Colorado Springs!